Norvan Falls Hike

There was of a bit of a break from hiking before my third hike due to the rather hot summer we were having. Again I was joined by Derek & Nikki, and this time we headed over to North Vancouver to try the walk to Norvan Falls in the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.

In preparation for this hike I bought a new hiking backpack which was much more comfortable than the previous backpack which I was using as that was designed for carrying a laptop, not hiking. Along with the new backpack I bought a dual chamber hydration bladder which fits nicely inside the backpack and provided hoses to drink from. One chamber was filled with cool water and the other with an electrolyte solution. So I was well hydrated for this hike!

This was a longer hike than any of the previous hikes, around 15km in total and taking about 4 hours. Most of the trail was fairly flat, with the only steep part being the area leading up to the falls.

Norvan Falls itself was quite picturesque and we enjoyed the view while munching in our mid-hike protein bars.

I loved the scenery on this hike and it was good to do a slightly longer walk this time.



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  • Hiked Norvan Falls today. The trail is well marked and in good condition. A very gradual hike with easy gradual terrain. A good portion of the trail is also shaded, so this is a great hike on hot days.