Lynn Peak Hike

My fourth hike for the year was to Lynn Peak, this time with a different bunch of hiking friends – from the craft beer community – so of course we all brought a beer to drink at the peak! One of the guys brought along their cute dog which was great company.

The Lynn Peaks trail starts at the same start point as my previous hike to Norvan Falls. However, it has very little in common with that walk. This one was very steep, with an elevation gain of about 750m over 4.5km. It was almost a constant steep incline, with only occasional flat parts (and one slight downhill section). To make it even more challenging, a couple of the guys on the hike were fit and young and so kept the pace fairly fast. We did the 9km return trip in around 4 hours, which included a decent stop at the top.

There’s a few nice viewpoints along the trail, but the view from Lynn Peak was the best of them all and made it feel worth the climb. It also made a great place for a celebratory beer. Then of course, there was the painful steep descent back.