Diez Vistas Hike

My first hike of the year was to Diez Vistas with my good friends Derek & Nikki. The Diez Vistas trail starts at Buntzen Lake near Port Moody. It is named for the ten views that it offers, although we only really visited one of the lookouts (and reportedly many of the other “views” are minimal due to trees). It was a reasonably short hike, lasting about 3 hours, but the majority of it was fairly steep so it definitely gave us a workout.

The view from the main lookout point was fantastic, and we could even see Burnaby and Vancouver in the distance. Derek chose this place to propose to Nikki, and of course she said yes! There was much cheering and applause from the small crowd of people enjoying the lookout.

The walk back was basically retracing our steps, so a steep descent at times. A little relaxing by lake was in order after the walk.

Overall a very enjoyable hike, although I ended up with a few blisters from my new hiking boots.

And now, the pictures:

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