Buntzen Lake Hike

My second hike of the year was the trail around Buntzen Lake, again with my friends Derek & Nikki. This trail is fairly easy, and makes its way around the lake, so at many points there’s a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains towering over it.

There was a few mildly steep parts, and at one point we crossed under some large power lines. The half-way point is a small beach known as the north beach, and there were a few people here enjoying the usual beach activities. We sat for a while to take a break and enjoy our mid-hike protein bars.

The walk along the east shore back to the main beach and carpark sticks a bit closer to the lake than the west side. The forest provided some pleasant shade, and there were frequent picturesque views of Buntzen Lake.

I think the whole hike was less than three hours.


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